Who is behind Plant Tuff?

Plant Tuff is brought to the Australian market by ASMS applying the extensive research and development and global experience of one of our major shareholders, Edw. C. Levy Co. Both of these companies are dedicated to creating innovative, eco-friendly products. One of our key successes has been taking the co-products of the iron and steel manufacturing process and turning them into a beneficial materials in an array of industries.

About ASMS and Edw. C. Levy Co.

ASMS is a joint venture between the Levy Group of Companies and Cement Australia.

The Levy Group of Companies is deeply committed to protecting the natural environment and constantly searches for opportunities to reduce waste, minimise CO2 emissions, and to conserve and reuse energy wherever and whenever possible. Levy companies have been creating solutions for your environment since 1918.

Our products form the infrastructure to a greener world: from foundations for windmills and solar farms to recyclable glass, permeable asphalt pavement mixes, Portland cement substitutes, agricultural products and many other environmentally conscious products and services.

Providing effective and continuous solutions to enhance the world around us takes dedication, responsibility, accountability, and a culture of continuous improvement. A commitment to these principles has given ASMS and the Levy Group of Companies a reputation as an environmental leaders.

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Your first line of defence

Silicon performs an essential function in response to environmental stresses. Silicon is taken up by the plant when they are under stress. Plant Tuff provides your plant with plant available silicon, that can help protect your plants from the many stresses your plants face during the growing the season.

Insect and Disease Resistance

The uptake of silicon, helps to armour your plant’s cell walls, making your crop less susceptible to insects and diseases. Plant Tuff toughens your plants making it less susceptible to insect damage.

Drought Tolerance

The silicon in Plant Tuff enhances the function of the Plant’s Stomata, meaning improved responses to drought stress, allowing your crop to survive during tough droughts.

Armouring the Cells

When the plant-available Silicon is taken up into the cells it has an armouring effect on the cells strengthening your plants.