How does it work?

Plant Tuff’s agronomists in the USA have carefully researched and performed field trials to establish that Plant Tuff’s unique combination of Calcium, Magnesium, Iron, Manganese and other essential micronutrients produce healthier plants.

Plant Tuff’s also has one more vital component – Silicon. Silicon is now recognised as a key component in plant health. Now, you have the opportunity to put Plant Tuff Silicon soil conditioner and plant nutrient with Tuff Shield to work for you.

The synergistic relationship between traditional fertiliser planned before or after Plant Tuff gives your plants the extra “boost” for best results. Plant Tuff enhanced with Tuff Shield plant-available Silicon:

  • Increases nutrient uptake and improves fertiliser efficiency by rapidly adjusting pH
  • Improves soil structure and increases microbial activity beneficial to plant growth
  • Uses Silicon to reduce crop/plant damage due to insects, mould, and mildew
  • Provides essential plant nutrients
  • Conserves natural resources with its eco-friendly composition
  • Eliminates the need for lime
  • Is economical and easy to apply, putting more profit in your pocket

In field trials, crops that were treated with Plant Tuff experienced increased yields up to 15% more.

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Your first line of defence

Silicon performs an essential function in response to environmental stresses. Silicon is taken up by the plant when they are under stress. Plant Tuff provides your plant with plant available silicon, that can help protect your plants from the many stresses your plants face during the growing the season.

Insect and Disease Resistance

The uptake of silicon, helps to armour your plant’s cell walls, making your crop less susceptible to insects and diseases. Plant Tuff toughens your plants making it less susceptible to insect damage.

Drought Tolerance

The silicon in Plant Tuff enhances the function of the Plant’s Stomata, meaning improved responses to drought stress, allowing your crop to survive during tough droughts.

Armouring the Cells

When the plant-available Silicon is taken up into the cells it has an armouring effect on the cells strengthening your plants.